Per the vote taken, head referees will be paid $15 per match.
Certified head referees from the previous USQ season will be given schedule preference.
To sign-up to be a head referee, please complete this short form.

ARs and snitches will be volunteer positions. Certified people are preferred, but not required.
Assistant refs and score table personnel will be comprised of players. Per the Texas State system, after a round of games has concluded, the two teams that just played must each leave 3 players on pitch to serve as goal refs (2), beater refs (2), snitch ref (1), and score table (1). The last teams scheduled for the day will fill the referee slots for the first game.

Snitches will be assigned on a voluntary basis. Please contact the league to be scheduled.
Peterson snitch shorts (size M or L) will be provided for matches.

Field Managers
We only plan to run one pitch at each round to prevent back-to-backs in the Texas heat. With this system, formal field managers will not be required, but please respect the property of TSL by leaving all loaned equipment (brooms, balls, snitch shorts, etc. on the field.

Team Managers
Team managers will not be a required or formal position within the league. If a team would like to designate a team manager to help facilitate team responsibilities, that will be up to it’s own discretion.

All photographers are welcome! You do not need a press pass to shoot from within the hard boundaries of the pitches, but you do need to stay outside of the soft boundaries and any nearby play. With permission, we would love to use your photography for promotional items and create a gallery for this site and the facebook page.