Each round will consist of round robin games. The full-season schedule has been posted to the Schedule tab, and can also be found here.

TSL will follow USQ Rulebook 10 unless otherwise notified.

Standings Tie Breakers:

  • Wins/Losses
  • Head-to-Head
  • Point Differential*
  • Snitch %

*Point differential cap for standings: 120 points (including snitch catch)

Player Transfer
A player may make an inter-city transfer once  per summer, but it must be before the third round of games begins. In other words, you cannot switch teams for the championship series only.

Players do not need to live in any kind of proximity to the teams they are transferring to and from. To officially transfer, first contact the coaches of the two involved teams. After those two coaches agree, contact the league administrator. Transfer will be considered official when the player has changed rosters on this site.

A team which does not appear at the time and location of a game it is scheduled to play shall receive a forfeit. For the purpose of standings, a forfeit is counted as a 120*-0 loss for the forfeiting team. If both teams forfeit, both teams shall receive a 120*-0 loss. Forfeiting one match does not affect the ability for a team to continue playing a round.

Policies will be consistent with the USQ Policy (abridged):

1. Padding – Must be one inch or less in thickness. When a referee raps on it with a knuckle, it should not make a knocking sound. It must bend easily when a minimal amount of force is applied to it.

2. Braces – Athletic braces are allowed but must generally meet the standards of padding above. A brace may include a hard element; however, any hard plastic or metal in a brace must be covered at all times during a game. If any hard plastic or metal becomes exposed, the player must leave play and fix the problem per the defective equipment rules. Referees reserve the right to refuse any brace that they believe presents a danger to players.
3. Athletic supporters, or cups (used to protect the groin), are allowed in spite of the above padding rule.
4. Glasses and eyewear – Players may only wear glasses/eyewear with plastic lenses. Glass lenses may be worn only if covered by goggles or otherwise not exposed.
5. No lacrosse “cage” goggles
6.  Scrum helmets permitted along the guidelines of padding.
7. Mouth guards are not required for gameplay, but can be worn by players at their own discretion.

Player Numbers — don’t care, just be identifiable.

Roster Requirements

  • Minimum: 13 players
  • Maximum: N/A

* Teams may opt to divide into multiple squads if they have 26 or more registered players. The method of choosing divided teams and whether or not to divide will be determined by the team captain.

Players may join after the initial deadline (May 10th), but a team must have it’s 13 minimum players by the deadline to be scheduled for the rest of the summer.