Code of Conduct

Essentially, be cool.

Please keep team names family friendly.
Be inclusive of all players wishing to participate in your team.
Discrimination will not be tolerated and players/teams found to be discriminating will be subject to penalties up to disqualification from the league.

Sportsmanship and fair play should be guiding principles for all players. If an individual’s behavior becomes an issue, the appropriate action will be taken whether it is game, round, or league suspension. We’re not trying to babysit anyone, so chill.
Alcohol consumption on premises will be subject to the individual park policies.
Drug use on premises is always disallowed

No profanity (whether it be a logo or jersey name). We’re not sure what kind of family attendance we will have, but just to be sure, keep it friendly.
Using trademarks of other entities (for example, the San Jose Sharks) is all on you as far as legal risk and responsibility goes. Technically the entire sport of quidditch is a trademark issue, so cool.