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Gameplay Policies
Code of Conduct

Q: How do I know if I have registered for a team?
A: If you have completed the registration form and submitted payment, your name will appear on the Roster of the respective team pages or the “Players” tab under the FAQ Menu. If you have completed the registration form, but not paid, your name will be on this list, but not highlighted green.

Q: Can I also play MLQ if I participate in TSL?
A: Yes. We have deliberately scheduled our matches around the MLQ schedule to accommodate players.

Q: Do I need insurance to play?
A: No, you do not need insurance to play TSL, but be aware that each player assumes liability for any of his or her injuries that result from playing or practicing for TSL. Risk & Release forms will need to be signed before playing.

Q: Do I need to live within a certain distance of the team I would like to play for?
A: Per the league, no. Players do not need to reside within a specific distance of the team they would like to play with; however, players should consult with the team captain before registering. It will be at the team captain’s discretion how much playing time will be given to those who cannot come to practices.

Q: What if I register for a team, and there are not enough players to meet the minimum?
A: If a team does not have the 13 minimum players rostered by midnight on May 10th, partial teams will be combined to form as many free agent, or merc, teams as needed.

Q: What if I do not live near any of the teams, but still want to travel to events to play?
A: Because there is no residency requirement, players are free to register and select any team they would like. It is strongly advised to consult the team’s captain, as they will decide how much playing time will be given to players who cannot attend practices.

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer or referee?
A: Follow the links on the Volunteer page for more information. All positions are unpaid with the exception of Head Referees.

Q: Will there be an entry fee for spectators?
A: No, all events are 100% free to spectate. The only “admission” fees are the $20 player registration dues.