Congratulations to the Dallas Dementors on winning the 2018 TSL Championship!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the league as a player, volunteer, or spectator and I will see y’all this fall!

New Player/Transfer Deadline this SATURDAY

Per the league regulations for the 2018 season, the hard cut-off for new players to join the league or any player transfers from team to team will be right before the third round of games begins on Saturday.

Any players wishing to switch teams or new players wishing to join a team must contact Beth Clementi-Peavler prior to the first scheduled game on Saturday, July 14th. The registration fee for new players will remain at $20 per player.

Please contact Beth with any questions or concerns.


The season concluded with the San Marcos Storm defeating the Dallas Dementors 2-0 in a best of 3 game series in the TSL Finals.

Game 1 – San Marcos 150* – 100

Game 2 – San Marcos 100* – 40



While the Storm have been likely favorites for the championship finals for the majority of the season, Dallas made a surprising Cinderella run.

The Dementors struggled with personnel throughout the regular season – first with the loss of starting seeker Matt Blair to a serious head injury in the first round and then lack of female participation in rounds 2 and 3. Partly due to these challenges, Dallas ended the season in last place despite 6th Street West forfeiting their final four games. The Dementors bounced back from both personnel issues for the Championship round. Having a home-ish advantage couldn’t have hurt, but the Dementors showed up in force, including eight additional players from Tribe, OSU, and Texas Tech.

The Dementors overpowered the short-handed Legendary Outlaws 190* – 90 with a well-rounded chaser performance to advance to the semi-finals. From there, Dallas faced off against Houston in a single elimination semi-final match. Houston came into the game on a Bye and at the top of the league table – the game was theirs to lose. An early penalty by a Houston beater opened the way for Dilan Freeman to plow through Houston’s defense and give Dallas a quick start. Houston switched to a dual male beater core and began to control the game, but quaffle players failed to capitalize on no-bludger opportunities leading to a close score line. When the snitch was released, Houston led 60-40. A quick goal from Tylor Mclaren to Leena Salem closed the gap seconds before Matt Blair made a dramatic, spinning snitch catch to win the game 80* – 60 and advance to the finals.



With 6th Street West dropping from the championship, both San Marcos Storm and 6th Street East played directly into the Semi-final match. San Marcos went undefeated against 6th East in the regular season, but fell to West (with similar personnel to East) in the first round. This I-35 rivalry match began neck-and-neck, but as time elapsed, San Marcos appeared more and more dominant. Quaffle possession moved rapidly as the teams exchanged goals. The 27 goals scored between both teams were distributed relatively evenly over 17 players with only 2 assists in the entire game. Austin Villejo came away as the match leader with 5 goals, most of which on no-bludger opportunities. Daniel DeRuiter came out of retirement to snitch and lasted the longest of any of the snitches this season at 11 min 9 sec on-pitch. Even so, that is not to say he wasn’t caught. San Marcos had 4 catches called off (3 by Josh Andrews, 1 by Jackson Johnson) before Logan Zahn’s catch was finally called good. The final score was 200* – 100 to advance San Marcos to the finals.



By popular vote, the league collectively decided to make the finals a best-of-three series. In the regular season, 56% of games were within range and 6% went to over-time. I have no idea how this compares to USQ or MLQ, but overall, the season showed parity with no team ending undefeated or winless. That trend continued into the finals with two snitch-range games between the Storm and Dementors. In Game 1, Dallas slowed the pace and stayed in the game, but was unable to give Blair enough opportunity at the snitch. The male beater set for San Marcos dominated snitch on pitch, though there was a moment in the game that time seemed to stop. The snitch (DeRuiter) was positioned right in front of the score table and Blair had a one-on-one opportunity. Blair was pushed down and sitting flat on the ground. DeRuiter was bent over enough after the push that Blair reached up and had his hand flat on DeRuiter’s lower back – maybe only 2 inches from the snitch tail. They held that position for a second or two. If Blair had slid his hand down that couple of inches, then he would have won the game, but alas, DeRuiter recovered and the opportunity was gone. A minute or so later, Andrews hulked over DeRuiter to end the game.

Game Two was do-or-die for Dallas. Dallas took an early 1-0 lead and the score stayed there for about half of the game. Stephan Vigil, Leif Montgomery, and Austin Villejo led solo drives up the field and through no-bludgers to put San Marcos ahead. Dallas retaliated with two quick, successive goals from Elias Kellogg to Martha Connolly, but it was not enough to hold off the Storm. Jackson Johnson switched to seeker and caught the snitch shortly after the seeker floor ended. The snitch catch was called good almost immediately, but protests erupted from the Dallas bench that Johnson’s headband had fallen off while he was snitching and that the team could not tell what position he was playing. The head referee waived off the allegations and San Marcos Storm were declared the champions of Texas Secede League’s inaugural season.

San Marcos Storm is largely comprised of Texas State Quidditch players. Anyone who has ever talked to these players past or present knows that there are running jokes about TXST’s record of consistently placing second. Needless to say, the TXST players were thirsty as hell for a first place trophy. Conveniently, Cuppy McCupface is a trophy that can be drunken from.


Until next year, folks.
Beth Clementi/Peavler
TSL Director

PS. Be on the lookout for a survey about the league pertaining to any policy/rule/formatting changes for next year. TSL is a league for y’all and I won’t know if y’all are unhappy with anything if you don’t tell me.

Championship Formatting Voting

UPDATE: After voting closed, the RED option was selected to have single elimination until the championship (which will be a series with best of 3).


The finale of our first season is almost upon us, so let’s get the format set. I have thoughts for the format that I would like for the championship round, but this a league for y’all. I want to make your voices and opinions heard. It worked out great last time, resulting in the Championship trophy being dubbed Cuppy McCupface. That being said, I’ve brainstormed three different formats and am going to put it to a vote for all of membership to decide.

The vote will be posted to the championship round event page and voting will close on Friday at midnight.

The picture below is color-coded with the three options, but read on for some brief descriptions of the options if the picture is unclear:


  • Gender Games are two separate matches –
    • one all-guy game and one all-girl game
    • Tradition at the house games championships throughout my time at Texas State and the games were always fun to both participate in and spectate
    • Typically reverse the gender of the snitch with the players
    • Can shorten/lengthen the snitch floor depending on interested players
  • Cash Prize Dunk Contest:
    • Open registration
    • Players can sign up for both categories: Single or Pairs
    • 3 attempts per player/team
    • Rated 1-10
    • Judges TBD – team captains? One delegate from each team? Un-registered players/snitches?
    • Cash prize for winners ($30 for single winner/$60 for pair winners)
    • Any unlikely damage to the invincible Reagan Hoops will be compensated, obviously.
  • Pick-Up Games:
    • Normal pick-up games/scrimmages
    • Laid back
    • Either play long game, snitches in all the time and catches just keep tallying towards the score
    • Or pick captains for teams and play 7 minute games, winner stays on, rotate around

CODE BLUE: Straight Brackets

  • 60% gameplay / 40% funsies games afterwards
  • Bracket game are single elimination with a consolation game for the first two teams eliminated.
  • Field time 10 AM to 3:30 PMish
  • Possibly time for pick-up at the end

CODE RED: Hybrid

  • 80% gameplay / 20% funsies
  • Single elimination for games except finals which will be a best of 3 series
  • Depending on time, either gender games, dunk contest, or straight pick-up – restricted time
  • Field time 10 AM to 3:30 PMish


  • 100% gameplay / 0% funsies
  • Single elimination for play-in games
  • Semis and Finals are best of 3 series
  • Consolation games for first two teams eliminated
  • Unless series are sweeps, I don’t anticipate any time for funsies afterwards
  • Field time 9 AM to 4 PMish

Venue Change – Round 1 and Championships

Texas Secede League has decided to make the following location changes for the 2017 season:

Round 1 – May 27th – Dallas Austin
Round 2 – June 24th – San Marcos
Round 3 – July 15th – Houston
Champ – August 5th – Austin Dallas


The reason for this change is to help the 27 TSL players also signed up for A Fantasy Tournament on May 28th in Austin, Texas. The fantasy tournament director, Juan Martinez, was kind enough to make accommodations to not host the  tournament on the same day as our first round, so we would like to return the favor. By moving the locations to the same city, we hope to alleviate the player travel and encourage player/spectator attendance to the fantasy tournament.

We do apologize for any inconveniences with planning that this change may have caused and hope that any conflicts may be resolved over the next few weeks.

The 2nd Annual A Fantasy Tournament will be hosted by the Texas Cavalry players on May 28th as a one-time event. Registration to participate is currently open to the first 70 fully registered people (i.e form complete and payment submitted). Tournament fees are $15 per player.

Player Policies Notice

Player/Team Policy

With the registration deadline and season starting, I wanted to clarify a few policies:

Registration Deadline: May 10th

This deadline is to determine eligible roster sizes and number of teams. To be able to create a season schedule, the number of teams needed to have a hard-set date. At 11:59 pm on May 10th, paid registration will “lock” for teams. The league will contact the team leadership to determine if the cities will keep to one roster or divide into multiple squads. To create more than one team, the teams must have at least 13 registered and paid players per roster. Based on the number of eligible teams, a schedule will be made for the entire season so players may plan ahead.

Players may still join the league after May 10TH! Only the number of eligible teams will be locked. Why is this distinction important?

For example, if the Houston Apollos have 25 people registered as of the deadline, but only 15 have paid, only the 15 will count towards the roster eligibility. Houston will be limited to 1 team for the entire summer. If, after the deadline, the remaining 10 players pay, and then another 10 are picked up during the summer, (15+10+10=35) then ALL 35 players will be able to play. The downfall of this, is that Houston will not be able to create a second team mid-season, and all 35 players will need to distribute playing time. It is to the team’s benefit to get all players registered by the deadline, accurately measure the number of active players, and evaluate the possible need for a second team.

Team captains have the freedom to decide whether or not to divide squads, how players will be distributed, and leadership for the second team. For cities with more than one team, please contact the league regarding team colors, name, and roster distribution. If teams would like to use the same uniform for both teams, that will be ok – the league is purchasing pinneys (still have no idea how to spell that) to differentiate if needed. As a reminder, the only requirement for jerseys is that players need to be identifiable through either a name OR number. All letters and number are acceptable, but make 1s, Is, Ls, Os, and 0s clear. Trying to be cool about this with the hope that it doesn’t backfire.



Player transfers will be allowed for the summer, but with some restrictions. For TSL, we are distinguishing two types of player transfers: inter-city and internal.

Inter-city transfers are defined as moving from a City A team to a City B team. (Example: Ryan Peavler is transferring from Houston Apollos to the Dallas Dementors). These types of transfers are limited to once per summer and must be submitted before the start of the third round of games. This policy is to prevent players from switching teams once only the championship remains. To “submit” a player transfer, simply contact the league via one of the methods on the “Contact Us” page of this site and receive confirmation. There are no residency requirements for inter-city transfers.

Internal transfers are defined as moving from one City A team to another City A team. (Example: Ronnie Vega is moving from San Marcos Storm to San Marcos Rage). Internal transfers are not limited in quantity, but will not be allowed mid-round. A player can move between either team for each round (including the championship), but may not play on both teams in a single round. To “submit” a player transfer, simply contact the league via one of the methods on the “Contact Us” page of this site and receive confirmation. There are no residency requirements for internal transfers.


Free Agents

Players that do not live within a city boundary are still welcome to join! To register as a free agent, complete registration and payment as normal, but designate yourself as a Free Agent. If enough free agents are registered to constitute an independent team, that will be considered, or the player may reserve the option to select the team they would like to join. Before joining a team, please contact the team leadership and discuss with the captain(s).


Player Risk and Release

All players participating in Texas Secede League do so at their own risk and therefore TSL is not responsible for any injuries as a result of practice or official gameplay. To keep player fees low, health insurance is not provided by the league. It is not required, though due to the brutal nature of the sport, it is in the players’ best interest to have health insurance whenever playing. Players must be 18 years old to participate or otherwise have written parental/guardian approval. Prior to stepping on the pitch, players will need to sign a one-time risk and release form that will be valid for the entire summer.


Player transfer policies were decided collaboratively with 2017 team leadership. If you have a question regarding the policies above or do not see your question addressed in the FAQ pages of tslquidditch.com, please feel free to contact Beth Clementi/Peavler directly or post to the Facebook page.

Photo credit: UT Quidditch (Flickr)

Tanks on Sale

Get your TSL merch!

We’ll have a limited amount of TSL tank tops on sale at all events.
Sales will be first come, first serve with pre-orders being taken now with payment.

Sizes Available: Small – 2XL

Price: $15 each

Cast Your Vote

We want your input on how many games will be played per team for Rounds 1-3.

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 04-04-2017 21:49:51
End date 10-05-2017 23:59:59
Poll Results:
How many games should each team play per round?

Note w/ 6 teams:
3 games = 5.5 hours (10am – 3:30 pm)
4 games = 7.5 hours (9:30am – 5 pm)


Registration Has Begun!

Sign up to represent your city! Registration and payment is due May 10th.

To complete registration, please pay $20 using one of the following options. When payment and registration has been received, players’ names will be added to their team pages on this site. Contact the appropriate team representative to be added to the private team fb pages.

  • Venmo: @elizabeth-clementi
  • Paypal: bethclementi@yahoo.com

Current teams include:

  • Houston
  • San Marcos
  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • College Station/Victoria
  • Austin

Please view the player registration list here