About TSL

The Texas Secede League (TSL) was formed in March 2017 by Beth Clementi-Peavler to facilitate summer quidditch across Texas. By centering teams around major Texas cities, our mission is to grow the community and encourage consistent player development through local practices. The league aims to provide an organized, affordable, and somewhat casual alternative for summer quidditch. The league’s six teams join about once per month to play round-robin series. After three round-robin series, a championship round will be played at the end of the summer to determine the winner.

About the Commissioner

Beth Clementi-Peavler brings relevant experience from a variety of levels.

She has been playing quidditch competitively as a beater since October 2011. Her previous team affiliations include:

  • Texas State Quidditch (Fall 2011 – Fall 2015)
  • TXST Gryffindor (Fall 2011 – Fall 2015)
  • Texas Cavalry (Spring 2016)
  • League City Legends (Summers 2016, 2017)
  • San Marcos Sharknados (Fall 2016 – present)


Clementi’s previous tournament planning experience includes:

  • Diamond Cup I: Planning Committee
  • Diamond Cup II: Co-director with Eric Reyes
  • Diamond Cup III: Director
  • Diamond Cup IV: Director
  • Southwest Regional 2015: Referee Coordinator
  • Consolation Cup I: Founder and Director
  • Consolation Cup II: Advisor
  • Texas Secede League: Founder
    • 2017 Commissioner
    • 2018 Commissioner

While attending Texas State University as an accounting student, Clementi served on the Wizengamot officer board of TXST Quidditch for almost four years, as Secretary and then President. Beth currently resides in Clear Lake, Texas where she works as a financial analyst for a chemical manufacturer. In her spare time, Beth enjoys taking snaps of her cats, attending dollar movies, and maintaining spreadsheets.