Championship Formatting Voting

UPDATE: After voting closed, the RED option was selected to have single elimination until the championship (which will be a series with best of 3).


The finale of our first season is almost upon us, so let’s get the format set. I have thoughts for the format that I would like for the championship round, but this a league for y’all. I want to make your voices and opinions heard. It worked out great last time, resulting in the Championship trophy being dubbed Cuppy McCupface. That being said, I’ve brainstormed three different formats and am going to put it to a vote for all of membership to decide.

The vote will be posted to the championship round event page and voting will close on Friday at midnight.

The picture below is color-coded with the three options, but read on for some brief descriptions of the options if the picture is unclear:


  • Gender Games are two separate matches –
    • one all-guy game and one all-girl game
    • Tradition at the house games championships throughout my time at Texas State and the games were always fun to both participate in and spectate
    • Typically reverse the gender of the snitch with the players
    • Can shorten/lengthen the snitch floor depending on interested players
  • Cash Prize Dunk Contest:
    • Open registration
    • Players can sign up for both categories: Single or Pairs
    • 3 attempts per player/team
    • Rated 1-10
    • Judges TBD – team captains? One delegate from each team? Un-registered players/snitches?
    • Cash prize for winners ($30 for single winner/$60 for pair winners)
    • Any unlikely damage to the invincible Reagan Hoops will be compensated, obviously.
  • Pick-Up Games:
    • Normal pick-up games/scrimmages
    • Laid back
    • Either play long game, snitches in all the time and catches just keep tallying towards the score
    • Or pick captains for teams and play 7 minute games, winner stays on, rotate around

CODE BLUE: Straight Brackets

  • 60% gameplay / 40% funsies games afterwards
  • Bracket game are single elimination with a consolation game for the first two teams eliminated.
  • Field time 10 AM to 3:30 PMish
  • Possibly time for pick-up at the end

CODE RED: Hybrid

  • 80% gameplay / 20% funsies
  • Single elimination for games except finals which will be a best of 3 series
  • Depending on time, either gender games, dunk contest, or straight pick-up – restricted time
  • Field time 10 AM to 3:30 PMish


  • 100% gameplay / 0% funsies
  • Single elimination for play-in games
  • Semis and Finals are best of 3 series
  • Consolation games for first two teams eliminated
  • Unless series are sweeps, I don’t anticipate any time for funsies afterwards
  • Field time 9 AM to 4 PMish

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