Venue Change – Round 1 and Championships

Texas Secede League has decided to make the following location changes for the 2017 season:

Round 1 – May 27th – Dallas Austin
Round 2 – June 24th – San Marcos
Round 3 – July 15th – Houston
Champ – August 5th – Austin Dallas


The reason for this change is to help the 27 TSL players also signed up for A Fantasy Tournament on May 28th in Austin, Texas. The fantasy tournament director, Juan Martinez, was kind enough to make accommodations to not host the  tournament on the same day as our first round, so we would like to return the favor. By moving the locations to the same city, we hope to alleviate the player travel and encourage player/spectator attendance to the fantasy tournament.

We do apologize for any inconveniences with planning that this change may have caused and hope that any conflicts may be resolved over the next few weeks.

The 2nd Annual A Fantasy Tournament will be hosted by the Texas Cavalry players on May 28th as a one-time event. Registration to participate is currently open to the first 70 fully registered people (i.e form complete and payment submitted). Tournament fees are $15 per player.

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