2017 Schedule

The season schedule was randomized using the “A-F” diagram below. Based on the poll taken on the website, by a very narrow margin (43 votes to 41), the players have voted for each team to play 4 games per round versus 3. With the large roster sizes, we agree that this format will allow players the most bang for your buck and available playing time. Due to the number of teams, it worked out so that some teams will play one another 2 times or 3 times in the regular season. Based on the regular season results, teams will be seeded into the Championship bracket. See the Gameplay FAQ section of this website for more detail on seeding and tie-breakers. Game results (and player stats if we are able), will be posted to the website within a week from the matches.

The league’s intention is for the official games in the Championship round to be quick in determining a winner, but then have “funsies” games afterwards. This tradition started at Texas State House Games, and it is something that players have a great time with. The standard match-ups have been “All-Guy” and “All-Girl” games, but we are also taking suggestions for more ideas!

Please RSVP on the facebook pages (linked below) for further information.

May 27
800 Robert E. Lee Rd, Austin, TX
9 AM – 4 PM





June 24
9 AM – 4 PM






Round 3: Houston

  • July 15
  • 9 AM – 4 PM






Championship: Dallas
August 5
11 AM – 4 PM